Trnava mead

Trnava mead

In Trnava mead you can find hidden gifts of sun, variety and endless diversity of blooming meadows. It is made of the best sorts of floral honey to excel its pure honey flavor and the aroma is improved with natural extracts of herbs and spices. With each sip you can feel a return to old values and traditions, and you will be prevailed with blissful memories of past times. Get on a retro bike with nostalgia in the heart and hit the road of the popular streets and secret corners.

May every day be completely heartfelt and kissed by a delightful mead.

The uniqueness of Trnava mead taste underlines the fact that it is historically the first mead in the world,that won the gold medal in both the world's largest competitions Apimondia and Mazer Cup.


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Trnava mead

Alcohol content: 13,5%



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How to serve?

Cold mead

Cool down the mead to 12-16 °C and slowly enjoy from the long-stemmed glasses of tulip shape.

Take a deep breath, unique shape of the glass will unfolds the smell of mead beautifully.

Hot mead

Heat the mead to 55-60 ° C. Serve it in a thicker glass for whiskey, it will keep the temperature longer. By heating the mead, its intense smell of honey, herbs and possibly spices will stand out even more.

Experience for all of the senses is guaranteed.

Sangria s medovinou
Mixed drink

1 part Trnava mead
1 part soda
Floral honey Apimed
Fruit (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, peaches...)

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Popoludnie v zážitkovom areáli Medolandia spojené s ochutnávkou medovín APIMED, ktoré získali tento rok najväčšie ocenenia v gastrosvete. Pre deti je pripravený bohatý program.



Pozývame do Dolnej Krupej spoznať fascinujúci život včiel vo Včeláriu ochutnať medovinu Barrique, ktorá tento rok získala ocenenie NAJLEPŠIA MEDOVINA SVETA





Original Slovenská medovina z lipového medu


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