Barrique mead

Barrique mead

In the barrique barrels, delicious taste and delicate bouquet of acacia honey are being developed with vanilla and chocolate tones of oak barrel for one year.

Golden colour with a delicate aroma of cognac passing to the smell of over-ripe yellow pears is the biggest temptation of this mead.

Choose for yourself and your loved ones the very best and enjoy a drink, which is appreciated by discerning gourmets with exquisite taste.

We are honored that Barrique mead from Dolná Krupá is the only one among the thousands of types of mead which can be proud of its title "Best Mead in the World" (best light mead) for the next two years, that has been awarded by the prestigious beekeeping Apimondia Congress in South Korea.


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Barrique mead



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How to serve?

Cold mead

Cool down the mead to 12-16 °C and enjoy from the long-stemmed glasses of tulip shape slowly.

Take a deep breath, the unique shape of the glass will unfolds the smell of mead beautifully.

Experience for all your senses is guaranteed.


Pripravili sme balíčky s čajom, medom a medovinou. Ideálny darček pre priateľov, zamestnancov alebo obchodných partnerov.



Jesenné degustácie medovín v Medolandii

Do konca novembra ponúkame degustácie so zľavou 10%.



Pozvánka do Medolandie 23.-24.10.2021


V nedeľu 24.10.2021 v čase od 14.00 hod. do 17.00 hod. poriadame pre deti zábavné hry zo sveta včielok.


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