Serving of mead

To emphasize the bouquet and taste of the mead, we will advise you how to do it.

There are two options, choose the one that will please your picky appetites.

Serving of chilled mead:

We recommend to drink the chilled mead at 12 to 16 ° C. Chilled mead is enjoyed best from a stemmed glass of the tulip shape. Take a deep breath, the unique shape of this glass will unfold the bouquet of serving mead beautifully. You can also add a slice of lemon or some ice in hot summer days.

Serving of hot mead:

We recommend you to drink hot mead at 55 - 60 ° C. Hot mead sould be served in rough whiskey or ceramic jars to keep the serving temperature of mead longer. With the warming the flavors of used honey, herbs and spices will stand out even more. Hot mead is best enjoyed in a pure state as it was made by the manufacturer, not dilute with water or other liquids. Never cook the mead, the taste and smell properties could be worsen and the precious alcohol could fade.

And one last advice

Enjoy your mead sip after sip. You find there unique flavor of used honey, herbs and spices.


What to eat with mead?

Mead is served as an aperitif or digestif, it engages with various types of food.

What about these combinations with some delicacies?

  • It tastes perfectly with goose or duck liver with potato pancakes
  • It can be served with smoked ham
  • Lovers of cheese delicacies enjoy its uniqueness especially with sweeter varieties of cheese
  • Or with the desserts, especially chocolate desserts, fruit or nut ones which are appropriately completed with the mead

Be inspired, gourmets!



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