Old Slavic mead dark

Old Slavic mead dark


In the dense forests you can feel the tempting smell of pine needles. Buzzing of the bees indicates that skills and abilities of mead producers reshape mountain honeydew honey to Old Slavic dark mead. Original recipes and love of nature are the reasons why every gourmet will appreciate the uniqueness and exquisite taste of this drink.

It may inspire you to head for the hilltop to be pleased by the breathtaking view of the beautiful Slovakia around you. Problems suddenly disappear and you start to live here and now.


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Old Slavic mead dark

Alcohol content: 13,5%



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How to serve?

Cold mead

Cool down the mead to 12-16 °C and slowly enjoy from the long-stemmed glasses of tulip shape.

Take a deep breath, unique shape of the glass will unfolds the smell of mead beautifully.

Hot mead

Heat the mead to 55-60 ° C. Serve it in a thicker glass for whiskey, it will keep the temperature longer. By heating the mead, its intense smell of mountain honeydew honey will stand out even more.

Experience for all of the senses is guaranteed.

Mixed drink

2 parts Old Slavic dark mead
3 parts light beer

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