Original Slovak mead

Original Slovak mead


Unique work of perfect harmony of nature and selected species of honey are hidden in every sip of Original Slovak mead. Pure honey bouquet, a touch of lime in the background and extraordinary taste satisfy everyone, who is looking for more than just pleasure when drinking mead. Amber gold color of the drink reflects the traditions, experiences and values in life.

If you belong to the "classics" who like to sit on the bench under the blooming tree with a book in hand, mead can be your pleasant companion. Do not let anyone disturb you, every page you read is a source of wisdom and inner strength.


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Original Slovak mead

Alcohol content: 13,5%


How to serve?

Cold mead

Cool down the mead to 12-16 °C and slowly enjoy from the long-stemmed glasses of tulip shape.

Take a deep breath, unique shape of the glass will unfolds the smell of mead beautifully.

Hot mead

Heat the mead to 55-60 ° C. Serve it in a thicker glass for whiskey, it will keep the temperature longer. By heating the mead, its intense smell of used linden, forest honey and black raspberries will stand out even more.

Experience for all of the senses is guaranteed.

Ľadová medovina
Mixed drink

1 part Original Slovak mead
1 part Vinea
Lemon juice

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Pripravili sme balíčky s čajom, medom a medovinou. Ideálny darček pre priateľov, zamestnancov alebo obchodných partnerov.



Jesenné degustácie medovín v Medolandii

Do konca novembra ponúkame degustácie so zľavou 10%.


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