It is unbelievable how much effort the bees must expend to produce one kilogram of honey. We do appreciate their work and we treat honey with preciousness. Apimed Meadary except its own production in apiary, buys a wide range of types of honey from credible beekeepers from all over Slovakia. We offer bee honey in three basic types: flower, acacia and wild.


Thanks to their high quality, in 2015 was APIMED awarded „MARK OF QUALITY SK“ by the Minister of Agriculture for products: honey blossom, acacia and mixed forest honey.


Blossom honey


The first spring honey from the nectar of fruit trees or oilseed rape, then honey from sunflower, clover, meadow flowers from all over Slovakia. This honey is easy to digest because it contains simple sugars like glucose and fructose, which are absorbed into the bloodstream rapidly and they are a quick source of energy for human body. Moreover, honey has, thanks to a number of natural substances, stimulating effects - plant hormones, essential oils and aromas. In addition to direct consumption, blossom honey is popular helper in the kitchen when cooking and baking.


Acacia honey

Fine honey originating mainly from acacia groves of Záhorie and South Slovakia. It has a pale yellow color with a greenish tinge. Due to high fructose content it stays liquid for a long time and does not crystallize. It is characterized by mild taste and contains less pollen than blossom honey. It is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. It has a reputation of the sweetiest honey of all.

Wild honey

Honey with full and strong taste of honeydew from trees such as oak, spruce, fir but also fragrant wild raspberries from areas of deciduous and mixed forests of Slovakia. Unlike honeydew nectar honeys, the wild honey has darker color, is more viscous and contains more minerals. Due to its smaller production it is highly sought after and often seen as the most attractive, thus resulting in a higher price.


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