Mead production

Mead from Apimed, "wine with soul of honey"®, is produces through natural fermentation of the honey cider with a noble culture of wine yeasts. Like everything valueble, also production of mead is a long and difficult process lasting at least one year. The barrique mead production process is extended to another year refining its long staying in oak barrels.

The basis for the success of the production of APIMED mead is the precise choice of material. We use species richness and high quality of Slovak honey. Specially developed yeast for the preparation of honey cider fits perfectly to production of our mead. Modern technological equipment enabling a controlled manufacturing process of mead, starting from fermentation to maturation at a fixed temperature, ensure rare taste and aroma characteristics for honey mead from which it is made.

Mastery and long-lasting experience of technology with the production give our mead its soul.



Pripravili sme balíčky s čajom, medom a medovinou. Ideálny darček pre priateľov, zamestnancov alebo obchodných partnerov.



Jesenné degustácie medovín v Medolandii

Do konca novembra ponúkame degustácie so zľavou 10%.



Pozvánka do Medolandie 23.-24.10.2021


V nedeľu 24.10.2021 v čase od 14.00 hod. do 17.00 hod. poriadame pre deti zábavné hry zo sveta včielok.


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