History of mead

When it was discovered by a curious person, he liked it so much that he began to produce it for its own use and pleasure. With a smile on the face, we can say that the first drink that made us "feel dizzy" was just mead.
In ancient times they considered mead as a source of life, wisdom, courage and strength. Ancient Celts, Germans, Greeks, Romans and Slavs used to drink it. Our ancestors drank it during the reign of the God Perun by significant tribal ceremonies. Therefore had this exceptional drink a festive character.

Mead belongs to the Slovak festive tables. It is an interesting alternative for various toast which help the restaurant to bring festive atmosphere to wedding feasts, important anniversaries and graduations. But mead from of all alcoholic beverages fits best to our proverbial "Cheers!"

In the past, people believed that mead had aphrodisiac effects, therefore, they considered it to be proven "love potion". Indeed, mead gave us a favorite honeymoon tradition that is respected around the world up to now. Newlyweds after the wedding ceremony drank it in the hope that the family will be blessed with many children. If newlyweds had a son, the manufacturer of mead received great appreciation because another son meant great enthusiasm and joy in ancient times.


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Original Slovenská medovina z lipového medu


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