Family meadary

Beekeeping was initially only a hobby, love of nature and tradition. However, it became a passion that began to fulfill our dreams in the moment when it turned into everyday hard work. As a meadary family, we set off on a journey of reinventing mead with an effort to build on the values ​​of our ancestors.

The basic philosophy of Apimed meadary is to produce varieties of meads according to different types of honey, from which they are made, as vintners offer wine by grape variety. We use also species richness and diversity of Slovak honey - blossom, acacia, lime and forest honey. In every drop of this delicious drink you will find the best of the used honey, herbs and spices. To the production itself we approached with great respect and passion.


Apimed meadary not only produces honey from its own apiary also buys a wide range of generic honeys from verified beekeepers from all over Slovakia. Honey bee is offered in three basic types: flower, acacia and wild.

It has long been known that the combination of man and nature brings strength, health, wisdom. Thus these values ​​are hidden under the logo of Apimed.


Married couple Peter and Mária Kudláčoví



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