Trnava mead

It is made from the best sorts of Slovak floral honey. Uniqueness of Trnava mead lies in perfect harmony of flower honey enriched with natural extracts of herbs and spices.

Old Slavic mead light

It is pure natural honey wine made according to original recipes of acacia honey. This mead elegantly combines delicious honey flavor and aroma with hints of freshly blooming acacia.

Old Slavic mead dark

Unique mead produced from forest honeydew honey. It is a delicacy designed for gourmets who know and appreciate excellent flavor of honeydew honey of fermented mead.

Original Slovak mead

It is made from the best sorts of Slovak honey, gently dominating lime and black raspberries. Unique work of perfect harmony of nature is hidden in every sip of Original Slovak mead.

Meadary Apimed

Variety of mead from Apimed meadary

We introduce you a range of clean natural meads and various type of honey, from which they are made. Apimed Meads are treasure hiding the gifts of the sun, the smell of meadows, forest freshness, diligent work of bees and mastery of dedicated people.

Wine with soul of honey®

In the mead there are kept rare taste and aroma properties of the honey. We use the species richness and diversity. We produce mead according to the type of honey like winemakers make wine from the grape variety.

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Successful worldwide

Apimed Meadary receives prestigious awards at domestic and international competitions regularly.

To succeed in competition with producers from all around the world and to bring significant awards to Dolná Krupá is reward to our daily hard work.

We see them as evaluation for a long-time work and they mean commitment for us to continuous work on the production and preparation of the finest kinds of mead.

Barrique mead is the only one among the thousands of types of mead which can be proud of its title "Best in the World Mead" for the next two years, awarded by prestigious beekeeping Congress Apimondia.



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Original Slovenská medovina s lipovým medom


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